About Us
Mighty Engine was conceived when our founder saw the growing pains while working at startups. He noticed that when companies are young and scrapy, employees find any way to get things done: spreadsheets, manual processes, and a lot of emails. At some point, everyone starts to feel the pain of those inefficient, smaller scale workflows.
As a young company, you need a better way to do things, but it is hard to prioritize fixing day-to-day annoyances over user-facing features that will get you to the next funding round or please an early adopter. We get it. But it’s amazing what massive gains a simple, customized tool can have on a company’s productivity, if only they are prioritized. So we became experts in building and streamlining internal tools that help startups thrive — from discovery to development to implementation. We created Mighty Engine to help other startups become more efficient, knock out process pain points, and grow faster.
What We Do
Mighty Engine is your one-stop shop for bespoke internal tools. We will work with your teams to find pain points in their workflows and annoying tasks that can be automated. We will design simple, powerful solutions that are intuitive to use and save your company time and headache. We also have a strong appreciation for the importance of security, so all of our designs will start with protection of your data in mind. From there, we will work with your engineers to seamlessly build and integrate these tools into your current system so they can expand and maintain the new tools themselves. Once we build your tools, they are yours to use and adapt, and we are always here to lend a hand if you need it.
Contact Us
For a free consultation, or if you have any questions about our process, please contact Solomon.